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How to Rebrand the Image of the Components of the PLR ?

You will be rebranding and re-imaging all of the content so that it enhances your USP and business. When you are given PSD files of the graphics, you’ll be using them along with a graphics editor like Photoshop or Gimp to:

  • Rename the product
  • Remake the images consistent with your offers

When it comes to videos and audios, you can add in intros and outros to make them more consistent with your business. When it comes to documents, you should be branding with your logos, but also with images and colors consistent with the desires of your customer. If you are given sales pages, opt-in pages and upsell pages as part of your PLR package, make sure that the language is consistent with your offer. Typically, a PLR package has numerous opportunities for you to promote your own products and affiliate products.

As a result, you should be looking for opportunities to place hyperlinks to your products and affiliate promotions. At the same time, don’t turn your written content into a situation where there too many links on the page. The way to think about re-doing PLR in this way is to make sure that there is a helpful place the links. Also (and related), don’t assume that the PLR has the links in the place that you want them for your customer; go over the content and remove any unwanted hyperlinks. One tangible way to re-image the components of your PLR is to suggest your own resources. In some cases, you will get a resources guide as part of the PLR; in other cases you won’t. 

Regardless, you should always provide resources consistent with things that you talk about in your business. Reimaging the components can also mean:


  • Redoing the PowerPoint presentation
  • Editing any videos or video clips with graphical imagery on it The most important decision is your marketing angle, which should determine what your graphics look like. When you go over your PLR for the last time before the sale, ask whether:


  • The product looks like it’s unique to your brand
  • The product is unrecognizable as PLR
  • There is enough value in the product that you would buy it


If you can’t answer yes to all of the above, consider re-imaging your PLR until you can.