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Use the PLR to Create E-Mail and Autoresponder Content

Use the PLR to Create E-Mail and Autoresponder Content One of the best ways to use PLR content is to provide content for your subscribers in your autoresponder. Internet marketers typically send emails on a daily basis. But it can be difficult to sit down and write something that teaches something substantive every day. You can easily use written PLR to create a series and spread it out over days while giving your buyer a call to action at the end. You can also use video content to deliver lessons to your subscribers by loading the content into YouTube and providing a link. You can do the same with audio content, providing a link for a number of days to some helpful content.

If you’d rather personalize it, you’re still not having to research the idea if you re-make the audio, video or writing. This is something that you can repeat throughout the year when you’d rather not create content or you need to take time off. The idea with autoresponder content is to keep your subscribers engaged until they’re moved to become buyers. You’ll need to find a balance between evergreen content and things that people new to your list will not grow bored with.