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Start a Work from Home Business   - Private Label (PLR) Course

Use this Premium ‘done-for-you' content to create your own list building freebie, paid report, webinar, email series, or short course on…

Start a Work from Home Business  (PLR) Course - Just add your insights, rebrand it, and share or sell for 100% profit! 


Teach your Clients to Gain Lifestyle and Financial Freedom by Building an Online, Location-Independent Business.


With How to Start a Work-From-Home Business, you’ll get everything you need to create your own webinar, workshop, lead magnet, or paid product on how to gain lifestyle and financial freedom by building an online, location-independent business.



Why share or sell ‘How to Start a Work-From-Home Business'? Being your own boss and being able to work from home is just a dream for many people – a goal that never gets fulfilled.


Those people imagine a life where they can set their own hours, spend more time with family, and go where they want when they want. Having your own business also means that no one can fire you when they don't need you any longer or when times are tough!



However, starting a successful home business requires commitment, consistency, and a clear plan. You can help these aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dream by guiding them through the home business planning process, step-by-step. You don’t even have to create any of the course content yourself!



With this premium, Ready-to-Teach course, you can quickly get your own online course or coaching program launched in as little as a weekend. In How to Start a Work-From-Home Business you’ll teach your students or coaching clients how to:


  • Pick a business model and target audience that fits their skills and lifestyle
  • Create a timeline for getting their work-from-home business off the ground and earning Identify longer term career path options
  • Draft a customer profile and value statement Set their initial pricing and a way to get paid
  • Identify the tech they need for their chosen business model
  • Organize their home office and schedule for maximum productivity
  • Select the first, easiest marketing tactics they'll implement
  • Explore ways to go completely location-independent and work from anywhere in the world


When You Buy this Done-for-You Course Package You Could Literally Start Enrolling Clients and Accepting Payments in Just Hours from Now!